7 Things That You Should Never Do When Marketing On Facebook

If you happen to be using Facebook to promote your small business, then there are some things that you do not might like to do. Some of these things might seem obvious, but there is a surprisingly lots of those who still make these mistakes.

If you follow these 7 guidelines you will end up far more successful together with your marketing, and you may develop a solid reputation for yourself at the same time.

Here can be a list of 7 items that it’s not necassary to do when working with Facebook to advertise your business opportunity.


1. Spam people’s profile page with your links

This can be a huge mistake because it is not merely ineffective, nonetheless it will annoy many people should you choose this

2. Use a logo as your profile picture

You ought to be forming relationships on Facebook. If you have a logo as your profile picture celebrate it tough for people to get at know YOU

3. Pitch your opportunity just before to find out someone

No one loves to be pitched while on an opportunity. It may come being a surprise, but everyone thinks their opportunity could be the “perfect storm of greatness”. People work with people they know, like and trust. So focus on getting to understand people in lieu of pitching your small business.

4. Talk about touchy subjects including religion, politics, sex etc…

If you happen to be using Facebook like a business tool, then you certainly shouldn’t ruin your reputation by posting controversial things.

5. Send friend requests without a personal message

You is certain to get much better results for a few seconds to type a private message together with your friend requests. And it will provide you with an opportunity to get at know someone better.

6. Expect to get anything without adding any value

If you are not adding value along with your content, then this can be like pitching someone you don’t know. You are not offering anything, nevertheless, you expect something inturn.

7. Be afraid being yourself

People are attracted to unique, authentic people. You don’t have to be some boring n entrepreneur, you may be yourself and the ones will be attracted to your authenticity.


You should use Facebook as being a spot to meet new people and build relationships. You should not be utilizing Facebook just like a place to spam your links and pitch your opportunity to everyone which you meet.

If you follow these tips your marketing will probably be a lot more effective, and you’ll build more relationships.